This article describes about how user can sign on the PDF Form in Windows Store application. If you want to accomplish the same feature in Windows Phone or Universal app, we don’t have the Assembly (dll) support in Windows 8.0 version. For Windows Store app, we can use the Windows.Data.Pdf dll to implement this feature.
This article describes about to open the Number Pad in Windows 8 Phone where user can enter/Delete/Clear/Cancel the required amount. For example, when user clicks on ChangeAmount button in Main Page or Parent Page, number pad will be displayed as a popup where user can enter the required Amount. When Number Pad closes, the user entered amount will be reflected in Main Page. Similarly, users can Clear/Delete/Cancel the amount entered.
This article describes about the Binding of XML data to a control in Windows Phone application. XML data binding will be achieved in three steps as below.
This article describes about binding the multiple data templates for a LongListSelector Control in Windows Phone application. In real time scenario, if you want to show data in multiple sections then we can create the multiple data templates and will be binded dynamically based on the section of data you are showing. Here each section will have its own datatemplate defined.
This article will demonstrate usage of Universal app project for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 and also pointing out what to be put in shared code.
In this article, I will demonstrate handling validations when developing Windows 8 store apps using Prism and MVVM in simplest manner.
To be successful mobile app for global market, localization of the app is very important aspect. In Silverlight and WPF, you would achieve the same using CultureInfo and resx files to separate out string resources of different cultures. Though in Windows 8 apps, resource localization is not as powerful as WPF but it relatively provides good support for building global aware apps. In this article, we will go through different techniques of localization of string and image resources.
This article will demonstrate applying obfuscation to your Xamarin android and Windows Phone apps.
This article will demonstrate development of barcode scanner app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
Windows task scheduler allows us to schedule any task to run on scheduled time period. We can schedule time to run the task so that task will be triggered on particular time. The code sample below demonstrates how to use C# .NET to create or delete task in windows task scheduler.
WPF Application performance has always been major issue for application developers. As the application size increases , the number of controls, windows, styles , complexity goes on increasing within the application. And slowly and slowly we miss to measure and check how optimised our wpf application is.
We all know that DataBinding is one of the most powerful concept of WPF. So, today I thought to write something on how to troubleshoot data binding related issues while working with any XAML based application. Here I'll not talk about what and how data binding works, instead I'll jump directly on the relevant part. So, let's start by picking up the troubleshooting methods which can make developer's work bit easy.
Interacting with Active Directory is done with the DirectoryEntry Class. In addition to this, if we want to interact with Active directory then we can make use of CodePlex LINQ, but this is not traditional LINQ which is provided by Microsoft.
Visual Studio 2013 has some really nice new enhancements. Once I imagined how cool it would be if I can directly F12 on XAML resources and it would take me to its definition in some XAML file or if I get intellisense prompt right in XAML for the binding that I am wiring up!
Today I thought to write about some random examples of manipulating XML in C# using XPath.
This tutorial describes about how to select multiple items in a ListView/GridView with search criteria in Silverlight/WPF using MVVM design pattern.
The C# and XAML code sample describes about how to Export the DataGrid data to Excel in Silverlight and WPF using MVVM design pattern.
Developing software is hard. In fact, I would say, it's very hard. Patterns and Architectural Structures help, but... it’s still hard. Like any other architectural structures, MVVM is also a structure with a set of guidelines and not a set of rules. If you will search MVVM in any of the search engines, you will get lot many articles written by the extremely knowledgeable through to the novices, and it is really hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, which is still difficult for beginners.
Google Android is one of the leading mobile operating systems in use today and open source. Android developers are in great demand now, applications like Flipboard, WhatsApp Messagner & Instragram are changing the way we use information or communicate using our smart phones or tablets.
Here is the part two of the article where we will be developing three mobile client application in iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 that will consume WCF service that we developed in Part 1 of this article.

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