Learn how we can use the Bing Maps in Universal (Windows Store/Phone 8.1) WINRT apps. By Creating a Universal app, you will get two projects, project for windows store and project for Windows Phone by sharing the shared project.
Learn how we can use the Sqlite in Windows Phone/Store for local database or offline storage. If you are developing a universal app (Phone & Store) , which requires a common database for both the projects, we should follow the below mechanism.
In this article we will cover some common business scenarios that we frequently encounter when using Kendo Grid for MVC.
This article demonstrate creating and launching WPF application in it's own desktop in a secure manner.
Learn how to increase performance of the application using Lazy initialization.
This article demonstrates about how to display the data in ListView, bind the image as list item and highlight the current section alphabet while scrolling. This feature is beeing explained in plain Android Xamarin and MVVMCross.
This article demonstrates about how to implement the Push Notifications in Xamarin Android using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service which is a free service for sending, routing and queuing of messages from server application to Android application.
Microsoft .Net provides (Framework 4) support to deal with dynamic objects. Using ExpandoObject class we can work with dynamic types. ExpandoObject class represents an object whose members can be dynamically added and removed at run time. Means we can add or remove any member in runtime of its instance also we can set the values for members.
PLINQ (Parallel LINQ) is a parallel implementation of the LINQ. PLINQ was introduced in the .NET Framework 4.0.  It provides facility to query on IEnumerable or IEnumerable<T> data source data source in a type-safe manner. PLINQ internally separates the given object and performs the operation in multiple threads on different cores.
This article describes about how to add features of Audio, Video recording, Playback and Audio Notifications to Android app using Xamarin.
This code samples using the Calendar API to list Calendars and events including create, update, and delete the events, attendees and reminders.
This code sample demonstrates the different types of menus available in Android and its ActionBar. The Options Menu, Popup Menu, and Sliding Menu/Flyout Menu.
The code sample below demonstrates how to add Tabbed Layout to Action Bar. The Action Bar will display all the tabs concurrently and make all the tabs equal in size based on the widest tab label.
The code sample below demonstrates how to detect the newtwork connection in use and query a specific type of network connection, as well identify the user's current Geo location in Android Xamarin.
This article describes about how user can sign on the PDF Form in Windows Store application. If you want to accomplish the same feature in Windows Phone or Universal app, we don’t have the Assembly (dll) support in Windows 8.0 version. For Windows Store app, we can use the Windows.Data.Pdf dll to implement this feature.
This article describes about to open the Number Pad in Windows 8 Phone where user can enter/Delete/Clear/Cancel the required amount. For example, when user clicks on ChangeAmount button in Main Page or Parent Page, number pad will be displayed as a popup where user can enter the required Amount. When Number Pad closes, the user entered amount will be reflected in Main Page. Similarly, users can Clear/Delete/Cancel the amount entered.
This article describes about the Binding of XML data to a control in Windows Phone application. XML data binding will be achieved in three steps as below.
This article describes about binding the multiple data templates for a LongListSelector Control in Windows Phone application. In real time scenario, if you want to show data in multiple sections then we can create the multiple data templates and will be binded dynamically based on the section of data you are showing. Here each section will have its own datatemplate defined.
This article will demonstrate usage of Universal app project for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 and also pointing out what to be put in shared code.
In this article, I will demonstrate handling validations when developing Windows 8 store apps using Prism and MVVM in simplest manner.

New Questions

I have a text box where i am assigning a value using session on page load on save am saving it which is working fine, now i want to save a new value which is entered in the textbox, on save button click the textbox is retaining the session object value on textchanged event.
I am New to .net,I hope it would be great help for me I want auto generation of numbers in c#. Actually i have EmpCode with E and C followed by 3digit no. I have two text boxes. one box is for selecting E or C and another one for number which i want automatically generate like E001,E002
Hello friends, I have textbox in which user put input like xyz. now I want to set focus on this very textbox after z character so that user could type message afterwards. Now senario is that, when user type value into textbox it goes postback due to timer setup. after timer tick it should again focus into this very textbox just after user has typed some value, so that he could continue...
I'm new to WPF.I've a UI screen on which am binding and showing a datagrid in the load event. When users clicks on a row,I need to highlight it with blue color and then get a handle to the selected row. How do I achieve this please?
eg :23,234.50 - twenty three thousand two thirty four rupees and 50 paise.
I've used the following formula to look up a category for a selection of different values: =LOOKUP(Q6,'Dropdown boxes and lookup tabs'!$C$13:$D$23) I know that I haven't input the values incorrectly as the cell I'm referencing (Q6 above) is from a dropdown list that uses the same cells as the lookup array, so there CAN'T be typos or whatever causing the difficult...
i tried this format, got output as 1,234,567,890.00 but i need in this format 1,23,567 decimal unitPrice = 1234567890.00m; TextBox1.Text = Convert.ToDecimal(unitPrice).ToString("##,#0.00");
i need to clear the datas in accordion pane ! how should i? Thanks in advance !
Hi, In MS excel cell am typing 42347, instead of manually pressing Enter Key I want a macro to do the Enter once the nth say 5th character is typed. thank you for your inputs.
Hi , I hope you are doing well. Could please suggested me possible ways of export in HTML file as it is InDesign. Thinks
In my form I have a File Upload Control. After selecting a file from local machine, there is a button to validate if the file selected is of required format or not. On click it gives a pop up. After the pop the file name from the File Upload control vanishes. I want to retain this filename so that no need to browse for once again to do the next task.
Hi All, I have a view model in my C# 4.0 app which has a System.Data.DataTable that's created in it using a service call. I want to bind this to a datagrid in my XAML file. I tried following line DataGrid_Loaded event but its getting fired up before my datatable gets created inside the view model. xaml: <dg:DataGrid Name="myDataGrid" Loaded="DataGr...
Hi, Am using a Huawei modem connected to the laptop I can read and send messages from the modem's application, now I need a macro to copy all inbox unread messages from a modem into excel cells in the same format like Sender|Message|Date&Time, each message in own row. If not unread messages then period to period x(date&time) to y(date&time) thank...
Hi friends. string builder sb; sb.Append(userIcon + "" + loggedInUser.User.Username + ""); When I click, I should get the value of User.Suername. but I am not able to catch the click event. Although I fire because I have assigned all user with single Literal control with the help of loop and href aswell. I click on the ...
In the code behind page via the OnClientDateSelectionChanged event of the CalendarExtender I would like to catch the newly selected date.
The set of data I have is sales by SKU (retail, so pieces of clothing) by week and the number of units sold in how many stores. I want to create a macro that takes that data and organizes it on a separate "dashboard" that my business partners can play with. The data needs to be organized by the Sku, which months the sku sold in, and the # of stores it sold in. For our purposes, we have...
I have Menu bar which is bind dynamically from database. when user click by mistake on header menu like (Transaction), it gives error. The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. how to solve it ?
Using the following code: Dim objGraphics As System.Drawing.Graphics Dim pPen As New Pen(Brushes.Black) pPen.LineJoin = Drawing2D.LineJoin.Bevel pPen.Width = 48.0F objGraphics.DrawLine(pPen, 1168, 793, 1025, 938) ' Horizontal ID=111 objGraphics.DrawLine(pPen, 675, 938, 1025, 938) ' Vertical ID-113 ...