How to use Yahoo's RSS Traffic incident feeds with Remote Scripting ("AJAX=NOT") and the MSN Virtual Earth Javscript API to create useful, near realtime traffic maps you can use daily before leaving for work!
SQL Server 2005 is emerging from its final BETA cycle to become a full-fledged product offering very soon. The SQL Server BETA 2 offering, available from MSDN Subscriber Downloads, is both full - featured and fully functional at this point. Only a few items remain, mostly revolving around tuning and final optimization, and some user tweaks and minor bug fixes.
The following code sample offers a simplistic approach to dealing with threading issues while trying to launch ModalDialogs in the SelectionChanged event of a TabControl, ListBox, or ComboBox.
While working on my first Smartphone venture which uploads Smartphone camera photos you've taken with your phone up to your web site, I experimented with various controls and code, and even resurrected Andy Wigley's book, ".NET Compact Framework Core Reference" (MS Press), which contains lots of valuable Compact Framework information (even though it doesn't cover the SmartPhone form factor).
ASP.NET 2.0 is fun. It's more productive, it's more powerful. It has more features. And, based on everything I've heard from the ASP.NET Team and their "ZBB" (Zero Bug Bounce) effort, you'll be able to take existing ASP.NET 1.1 apps and migrate them easily.
Review of the Special Annotated Edition for C# 3.0 by Anders Hejlsberg,Mads Torgersen, Scott Wiltamuth, and Peter Golde
ASP.NET Session stores values, DataSets, and classes.
SharePoint Video Library provides a simple way to share and organize flash video files (.FLV) in a SharePoint site.
We all know that DataBinding is one of the most powerful concept of WPF. So, today I thought to write something on how to troubleshoot data binding related issues while working with any XAML based application. Here I'll not talk about what and how data binding works, instead I'll jump directly on the relevant part. So, let's start by picking up the troubleshooting methods which can make developer's work bit easy.
Learn the in's and out's of processing flat text files in and out of BizTalk.
SQL Server provides a concept called Merge Replication to replicate the database to different places and later it can be synchronized with master database.
I'm constantly annoyed by the number of developers using Visual Studio.NET who don't seem to see the need to create decent documentation for their classes.
If your application is slow and users who mainly use IE complain about issues that you never faced during development, you should try Fiddler, the HTTP debugging tool, to investigate the reasons. There is more to Fiddler than what meets the eye. If you have just got started with Fiddler, here are a few not-so-obvious things that you can explore -
In my article about ASP.NET Digest authentication here, I published a piece with an HttpModule for Digest Authentication in VB.NET, which was based primarily on an original piece in C# done by Greg Reinacker on his blog page. Since then, I've received a number of thanks for wiring up the database code and providing a schema and a sample test web application.
While Windows 7 has a real "leg up" on it's predecessor Vista, there is still plenty to do to make it even better.
Most developers are by now familiar with the PageMethod. This is a static method in the codebehind class of an ASP.NET page which is decorated with the [WebMethod] attribute. The methods are called via a POST to the pagename/methodname and the parameters are sent as the POST data.
Shows how to use the GDI+ Bitmap, Rectangle, GraphicsPath, and the .AddArc method to draw rounded corners on an image.
I use devices all the time that have MAC addresses that need to be validated.
Essentially, every DBA wants his queries to run faster. Whether it is trimming a query that takes 20 long minutes down to 1 minute, or trimming a 2 second query down to 1 second, every DBA’s ultimate goal is to reduce how long it takes our queries to run. This article will help in understanding the results of SET STATISTICS IO and SET STATISTICS TIME to tune a query to make it perform better.

New Questions

Hello. I want to know that the insertion of multiple row is faster in MVC Razor Webgrid than gridview. If yes then how much ?
Hello frnds I need mvc razor small example project so that I could get an idea about mvc project. I do not know mvc but I am interested to learn. But before going to the institution, wanna get some clue about the mvc at professional level.
Have to develop a front end for a database in a lan/shared folder environment. Would like go the browser front-end route, but I've never done and not sure which type of project to undertake in VS. I've only horsed around with way back. Any insights? Thx in advance.
Hi, I right clicked on a Table to look at it's properties. However I accidentally clicked 'Convert to local table' and it carried out the action. I shut the database down without saving, but it's KEPT the conversion and I don't know what the implications are or how to convert the Table BACK to whatever it was before (yellow table icon, now blue/white table icon). Help!
I've done a conditional formatting rule which says =$f$7="Essential" then apply blue formatting to =$B$7:$P$7 I've tried to copy it down to the remainder of the columnF cells but it won't copy properly. I don't want to set each one individually - how do I make it apply to the entireF column where the word 'Essential' is in there?  ...
Running Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 64bit OS Have IMAP email - getting an error message saying cannot connect to server Checked the server, it is not down All other computers in the office are still getting their email - cannot seem to figure out the issue with mine.
I have read data from excel and saved into dataset. here i have been trying to write dataset data into .prn file. i have been searching many sites, i didn't find even one piece of code about writing data into .prn file. if any one know how to write data into .prn file, share the knowledge.
Hi all, I need an image viewer in my ASP.Net website, What I do is, I load a gridview with list of images (thumbnails) and when user clicks on any image I'm supposed to show original image in an image viewer with download, rotate etc options. Could anyone please suggest any latest plugin or control for achieving this...? -Rajesh
Basically I want to preview a pdf or word file attached to the record when the record is selected in MS Acess . Thanks in advance.
Hi All, i want to get date dd/MM/yyyy format but am getting dd-MM-yyyy format , i tried with var currentDate1 = DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");-- this also giving the data dd-MM-yyyy format. 2) and tried with another option System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo MyDateTimeFormatInfo = new System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo(...
Hi, I m using andriod studio tool. While debugging, Im getting the following error: error: cannot find symbol variable textstatus in Please suggest Regards
Cake Form </script&g...
Hi All, Please note, I am trying to open pdf from the local drive using code below frmCntrl.Attributes.Add("Src", "C:/ShortcutKeys.pdf"); Upon executing I am not getting any error message, but nothing is loaded in the IFrame space. Could any one please help me how to resolve...
Hi guys I make program to select data every day automatically by timer every second in c# In sql server 2005 i write the following query ALTER proc [dbo].[JeddahSalesAll] as SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY dbo.[Jeddah-Live$Sales Header].No_) AS [S.N], dbo.[Jeddah-Live$Sales Line].[Document No_] AS 'OrderNo', dbo.[Jeddah-Live$Sales Header].[Bill-to N...
Afternoon guys Wonder if someone can help me. I have a application that populates a datagridview based on sql search results. The datagrid view is populated with the information of students who have attended a course. e.g. Student name and course name. I also have code that goes through and word document certificate template and replaces <<STUDENTNAME...
i want to print my sales bill using dot matrix printer i heard that .net do not support dot matrix sothat i want to create text file in .Help me
i have a table X, has fields date and transNo .I want to select date, max(transNo)<date eg eg X Date TransNo 1/4/2014 1 1/4/2014 2 2/4/2014 3 2/4/2014 4 2/4/2014 5 3/...
I need a formula if c3 * d3 is less than 55, then populate e3 with 55. if it is 55 or higher, then populate e3 with sum of c3*d3
I am trying to attach a database in SQL Server but Error No. 601 is showing by the system.