This article will demonstrate making a real-time messaging app using SignalR and AngularJS using Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.
This article will demonstrate using Cortana and voice commands to activate and launch a Universal Windows app.
This article describes about the caching technics and its implementation in angularjs.
This article describes about how to make multiple async service calls in angularjs and show the progress during the service calls execution.
This article describes about the Globalization and Localization (multilingual) support for the website in angularJS and MVC.
You must have seen Facebook, Twitter and all similar social apps and wondered how live it is when someone comment, like or tweet you get that thing at that moment. Well its lot easy to develop similar things using Firebase. Exciting? Lets develop our first app!
Prism 6 is the current ported version of Prism for Universal Windows apps for Windows 10. In this article we will see how to setup a basic wiring for Prism and Hamburger menu. You can think of it as Master page in or Shared view template for MVC or as a basic template for Prism + Hamburger app development in Universal windows.
This article describes about the mostly used controls in angular from UI bootstrap toolbox. All of these controls will be supported in most of the advanced browsers (IE 10+, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc).
This article describes about the SPA (Single Page Application) in MVC5 using AngularJS. Angular is a JavaScript frame work and has a powerful data binding mechanism.
This article will help you setup a Universal app template using Prism 6 to quickly get started on building Windows 10 apps.
This article will demonstrate different ways to achieve unique session across browser tabs for MVC application.
This article will demonstrate developing app that enables real time data update.
This article describes about implementation and usage of the data annotations in Windows Phone 8.1.
Many times there comes a code where you map/convert objects between UI and service layers. For example, your project is WPF or MVC and you will be converting your view specific models to something that you can send to service as a request object or convert response from the service to the model entity that you can bind to the view.
This article describes about the File operations, create, write, delete file and file picker to select multiple files in Windows Phone 8.1.
This article describes about data binding, grouping, sorting and semantic zoom features of ListView/GridView in windows phone 8.1 (winrt).
This article describes about how we can create, open and delete an OneNote page from Windows Phone 8.1 app.
Windows 10 has given true meaning to Universal apps. Universal apps term is there from Windows 8 but infect it was not truly a universal app platform. In Windows 8/8.1 we still need to have two solutions one for Phone app and one for Store app.
This article describes how a user can swipe and Pin/unpin the List items in Windows Phone 8.1 (WINRT).
Visual Studio 2015 is power packed and comes with lots of new features for developers. One of them is version 6 of C# language. Unlike previous versions, there are no major addition of features but the new features introduced in version 6 are syntactical and that’s why I bet you would pray and start counting days to use them in your projects!

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Deal All, I want solution of following problem your project references the latest version of entity framework however an entity framework database provider with this version could not be found your data connection.... Please provide me solution ASAP.
Hi all, I am having an urgent issue. I couldn't find any answers for this specific scenario: Import multiple Excel files, with multiple sheets, and different meta data into one SQL table. The first sheet of each Excel file (6000 files in total) has to be imported into a SQL table. There will only be one table for all the first sheets of these files together. We found out that...
I have a table that looks like this : Region Country Earnings Americas Canada 10000 Americas Mexico 20000 Americas USA 50000 Asia-Pac China 70000 Asia-Pac Japan ...
I have a userform with a textbox. The textbox exit event is set to trigger a message box if the length is 0. This woks fine. On the useform there is a command button that unloads the userform. This also works fine. However, if I am in the textbox and click the command button, the textbox exit event code runs and the message box triggers, but the command button click event to unloa...
Can someone please help me with the formulas I have in cells F12, F13, G12 & G13 that are not working. Thanks, Recently i came across this article ,which says WCF is going to be dead and will be obsolete soon. if that is the case , then what is the alternative for SOA based applications ..what skills one has to upgrade to being a Microsoft .net developer...Need inputs and suggestions on the same...
How to get All Replies for particular Question of Discussion board using Sharepoint REST
hi i have get the error as IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005). My Coding using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; using System.Data; using System.Windows; using System.Windows; ...
I have a few pages with grids on them the user can export to Excel. It works fine on my machine when I test and use the production web site. It also works for other users BUT I have one user it won't work for in any browser. When they click the export button an Excel window opens but there is no data, no grid lines, just a blank white area. What might I check on ...
I have half part of the month at front end but I want to make it the last day of the month with full date for example::: I have Jun-2016 at front end I want to convert it to the last day of this month i.e. 30-Jun-2016 or if I have Feb-2016 so i want to make it 29-Feb-2016 how to do it???? Please help
how to make any string to a particular date? for example if it is "Jun-2016" so it will be "30-06-2016" and if it is selected "Mar-2016" so it will be "31-03-2016"
I have saved employee salary details in a database with sql server table having a field Varchar type and stored salary month such as 31-Jan-2016 or 29-Feb-2016 , 31-Mar-2016 etc. At front end I extracting the months from these dates and showing two drop downs having only month and year like Jan-2016, Feb-2016 and so on From Month and To Month (Dro...
If I am using a set of 2 worksheets where worksheet 2 is pulling data that s typed into worksheet 1 (one is a detail and two a summary) and I want to duplicate the two worksheets for another trade scope and re-name them. Is there a way to re-direct the links to the name of the new worksheet without changing each individual cell?
var jsdocids = []; $('input:checkbox:checked').each(function () { var isno = $.isNumeric($(this).val()); if (isno == true) { jsdocids = $(this).val()...
I have a folder contain with 50 pdf files with different name... Basically i have to open each pdf file and need to copy invoice # from PDF file and need to rename the pdf file with invoice #... So any can help me to code the Excel vba code to run an macro to auto open pdf file copy selected text and rename it.... Please help me in this at the eariest.. Thanks you
Using jquery i have set default options for check box and after changing the def check box to other check box , def value is still checked as true. how to fix it.
Hi, I have a pivot table that shows sales by region, sub region, sales, cost, ... I want to give each region with all its sub regions and the numbers the same color. So basically each region will have its own color including all others columns. I was wondering if we can use VBA. The regular formatting of the pivot table does not allow that and if I do it ma...