This article describes about one of the performance issue with ListView in Xamarin forms and how to overcome by providing the native or platform specific implementation with custom renderers.
This article describes about the styles and triggers in Xamarin forms. As like WPF and windows apps, styles can be defined in ResourceDictionary with set of triggers.
This article describes about the Background Task in Xamarin Forms UWP. This background task provides the functionality when the app is suspended (in background) or not running.
This article describes how to use the SQLite database in Xamarin Forms with proper locking approach and DB version upgradation mechanism while updating to new app versions.
This article describes the localizing Xamarin.Forms apps with resource files and get the device culture from windows devices. The resource .RESX files containing translated strings which are embedded in Xamarin.Forms assembly.
This article describes the ListView data binding with multiple data/item templates in Xamarin Forms. Since this feature is being implemented in Xamarin forms, it works in all the platforms windows, android & ios.
This article describes the Cryptography (Encryption & Decryption) mechanism to be implemented in Xamarin forms which can work for all the platforms - Windows, Android & ios.
This article describes Custom Renderers for customizing the appearance and behavior of Xamarin.Forms controls.
This article describes how to detect the network connectivity status and time zone changes in Xamarin forms in all the three (Windows, Android & ios) platforms.
This article describes about basic architectural setup required to start working with Xamarin Forms project in MVVM design pattern. As you are aware, if you have Xamarin forms project, it should run in all (Windows, Android & ios) the platforms with minor platform specific code changes if any.
This article will demonstrate making a real-time messaging app using SignalR and AngularJS using Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.
This article will demonstrate using Cortana and voice commands to activate and launch a Universal Windows app.
This article describes about the caching technics and its implementation in angularjs.
This article describes about how to make multiple async service calls in angularjs and show the progress during the service calls execution.
This article describes about the Globalization and Localization (multilingual) support for the website in angularJS and MVC.
You must have seen Facebook, Twitter and all similar social apps and wondered how live it is when someone comment, like or tweet you get that thing at that moment. Well its lot easy to develop similar things using Firebase. Exciting? Lets develop our first app!
Prism 6 is the current ported version of Prism for Universal Windows apps for Windows 10. In this article we will see how to setup a basic wiring for Prism and Hamburger menu. You can think of it as Master page in or Shared view template for MVC or as a basic template for Prism + Hamburger app development in Universal windows.
This article describes about the mostly used controls in angular from UI bootstrap toolbox. All of these controls will be supported in most of the advanced browsers (IE 10+, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc).
This article describes about the SPA (Single Page Application) in MVC5 using AngularJS. Angular is a JavaScript frame work and has a powerful data binding mechanism.
This article will help you setup a Universal app template using Prism 6 to quickly get started on building Windows 10 apps.

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