This article will help you setup a Universal app template using Prism 6 to quickly get started on building Windows 10 apps.
This article will demonstrate different ways to achieve unique session across browser tabs for MVC application.
This article will demonstrate developing app that enables real time data update.
This article describes about implementation and usage of the data annotations in Windows Phone 8.1.
Many times there comes a code where you map/convert objects between UI and service layers. For example, your project is WPF or MVC and you will be converting your view specific models to something that you can send to service as a request object or convert response from the service to the model entity that you can bind to the view.
This article describes about the File operations, create, write, delete file and file picker to select multiple files in Windows Phone 8.1.
This article describes about data binding, grouping, sorting and semantic zoom features of ListView/GridView in windows phone 8.1 (winrt).
This article describes about how we can create, open and delete an OneNote page from Windows Phone 8.1 app.
Windows 10 has given true meaning to Universal apps. Universal apps term is there from Windows 8 but infect it was not truly a universal app platform. In Windows 8/8.1 we still need to have two solutions one for Phone app and one for Store app.
This article describes how a user can swipe and Pin/unpin the List items in Windows Phone 8.1 (WINRT).
Visual Studio 2015 is power packed and comes with lots of new features for developers. One of them is version 6 of C# language. Unlike previous versions, there are no major addition of features but the new features introduced in version 6 are syntactical and that’s why I bet you would pray and start counting days to use them in your projects!
Here's how implement the basic chat mechanism using XMPP in Universal app (Windows Store 8.1/ Phone 8.1).
Chatter box is an app that uses loop back video and audio to demonstrate the call management, audio and video capture and render, Push notifications and VOIP background agents.
This article describes about how to create a bar code scanner, claim it for exclusive use, enable it to receive data and read a barcode.
Learn how we can implement the Windows LIVE authentication and access OneDrive for file open/upload using LIVE SDK in Universal apps (Windows Store/Phone 8.1). By Creating a Universal app, you will get two projects, project for windows store and project for Windows Phone by sharing the shared project.
Learn how we can use the Bing Maps in Universal (Windows Store/Phone 8.1) WINRT apps. By Creating a Universal app, you will get two projects, project for windows store and project for Windows Phone by sharing the shared project.
Learn how we can use the Sqlite in Windows Phone/Store for local database or offline storage. If you are developing a universal app (Phone & Store) , which requires a common database for both the projects, we should follow the below mechanism.
In this article we will cover some common business scenarios that we frequently encounter when using Kendo Grid for MVC.
This article demonstrate creating and launching WPF application in it's own desktop in a secure manner.
Learn how to increase performance of the application using Lazy initialization.

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