LINQ AsEnumerable Query Operator

By Peter Bromberg

LINQ AsEnumerable Query Operator Returns the input typed as IEnumerable<T>.

// Custom class.
        class Clump<T> : List<T>
             // Custom implementation of Where().
            public IEnumerable<T> Where(Func<T, bool> predicate)
               Console.WriteLine("In Clump's implementation of Where().");
                 return Enumerable.Where(this, predicate);

        static void AsEnumerableEx1()
            // Create a new Clump<T> object.
            Clump<string> fruitClump =
                 new Clump<string> { "apple", "passionfruit", "banana",
                     "mango", "orange", "blueberry", "grape", "strawberry" };

             // First call to Where():
            // Call Clump's Where() method with a predicate.
           IEnumerable<string> query1 =
                 fruitClump.Where(fruit => fruit.Contains("o"));

           Console.WriteLine("query1 has been created.\n");

             // Second call to Where():
            // First call AsEnumerable() to hide Clump's Where() method and thereby
            // force System.Linq.Enumerable's Where() method to be called.
           IEnumerable<string> query2 =
                 fruitClump.AsEnumerable().Where(fruit => fruit.Contains("o"));

             // Display the output.
           Console.WriteLine("query2 has been created.");

         // This code produces the following output:
        // In Clump's implementation of Where().
        // query1 has been created.
        // query2 has been created.

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