Build XML Document from recordset

By Allen Stoner

It's fairly easy to turn a recordset into an xml document by looping through the rows and fields.

    Dim xRec As New XmlDocument

'  Setupt the command object as needed here

      reader = command.ExecuteReader()

      Dim xNode As XmlNode
      Dim xAttr As XmlAttribute
      Dim Flds As Int16
      Dim I As Int16
      Dim xRow As XmlNode

      While reader.Read()
        Flds = reader.FieldCount
        xRow = xRec.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Element, "", "Row", "")   Create a new row to include in the document
        For I = 0 To Flds - 1
          xNode = xRec.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Element, "", "Data", "")   Create a field to include in the row
          xAttr = xRec.CreateAttribute("Name")    '  There is a name attribute that is the field name
          xAttr.Value = Trim(reader.GetName(I))
          xNode.InnerText = Trim(reader(I).ToString)  '  The text of the element contains the value
          xRow.AppendChild(xNode)    Append the field to the row
        xRec.DocumentElement.AppendChild(xRow)    Append the row to the document

      End While

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