Bind Date In DataGrid.

By Goniey N (Mr. G)

A Source Code For Bind Data Into Your DataGrid.

//Create This Function & Pass Two Argument...

//     1st Argument : For Which Datagrid You Want Bind Data...
//     2nd Argument : Which Table's Data You Want To Bind In Given Datagrid...

private void BindData(DataGrid DataGrid1, String TableName)

     OleDbConnection ocon=new OleDbConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["<<YourConnectionString>>"]);
     OleDbCommand ocmd=new OleDbCommand();
      ocmd.CommandText="SELECT * FROM TableName";
     OleDbDataReader odr=ocmd.ExecuteReader();

//Call Function In Your Particular Event...
BindData(DataGridStudent, Student);

//Here Datagrid Is "DataGridStudent", In Which The Data Will Bind.
//Here "Student" Is Name Of The Table Of DataBase From Which All Data Will Bind In "DataGridStudent".

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