difference between procces and thread.

By j Miracle

here i will show you the difference between the procces and thread.

the major difference between threads and processes is

1.Threads(Light weight Processes) share the address space
of the process that created it; processes have their own


2.Threads have direct access to the data segment of its
process; processes have their own copy of the data segment
of the parent process.

3.Threads can directly communicate with other threads of
its process; processes must use interprocess communication
to communicate with sibling processes.

4.Threads have almost no overhead; processes have
considerable overhead.

5.New threads are easily created; new processes require
duplication of the parent process.

6.Threads can exercise considerable control over threads of
the same process; processes can only exercise control over
child processes.

7.Changes to the main thread (cancellation, priority
change, etc.) may affect the behavior of the other threads
of the process; changes to the parent process does not
affect child processes.If we consider running a word
processing program to be a process, then the auto-save and
spell check features that occur in the background are
different threads of that process which are all operating
on the same data set.

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