switch statement with Range of values in Javascript

By Santhosh N

This explains how to have range of values in case option inside the Javascript switch statement.

You can validate cases based on the range of values in the case statement inside the switch in javascript and here is sample code how to do this. Remember you need to have boolean true value as variable in the switch statement but not the variable you wish to validate as in normal cases

var selIndex = 0;
var val = 100;
        case ((val >= 1) && (val <= 10)):
            selIndex = 0;
        case ((val >= 11) && (val <= 100)):
            selIndex = 1;
        case ((val >= 101) && (val <= 1000)):
            selIndex = 2;
        case ((val >= 1001) && (val <= 10000)):
            selIndex = 3;


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