Create custom theme in Sharepoint

By Perry

This FAQ shows the procedure for creating a custom theme in sharepoint.

In sharepoint theme is nothing but the CSS file attached to your site. By default it is core.css. Please follow below steps to create and integrate your custom theme in Sharepoint.

1. Go to Sharepoint Hive\Templates\Themes\ folder

2. Copy paste the existing theme folder which you want to modify and give name myTheme.

3. Goto mytheme folder and rename INF file to myinf.INF. Open it and change title to mytheme.

4. Open SPTheme.xml located under sharepoint hive\templates\layouts\1033\. This XML file has all themes defined. Copy-paste any <template> node and define custom theme properties for mytheme.

5. Reset IIS but running iisreset.exe command from command prompt. This is required to clear the cache entries of themes.

6. Now customize the theme as per your requirements. To do this, most suitable approach is to open your site in sharepoing designer which has your theme mytheme attached. Open _theme\mytheme.css and then open master page. Select the section from master page you want to modify, the corresponding core.CSS section in mytheme.css will be selected.  Copy paste this lines and paste it to your mytheme.css and modify as you want. Then onwards mytheme properties will override core.css file.


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