C# .NET - Marquee not supported... - Asked By Dom Afonso on 12-Jun-12 12:01 PM

I am using the following marquee:

 <marquee behavior="slide" direction="left">Slide it</marquee>

and visual web developer express 2010 underlines the 1st word marquee and says:

Element 'marquee' is not supported.

How to resolve this?

S K replied to Dom Afonso on 12-Jun-12 12:12 PM
This is showing in visual studio only but when you run that page the marquee will work perfectly
You can also see this link for more help
kalpana aparnathi replied to Dom Afonso on 12-Jun-12 02:12 PM

For Marquee, there's no alternative that validates, unless you makes your own using Javascript or Flash or whatever. Getting a purely valid markup is relatively difficult. It will still "work" though .

For more referance use below link:


TSN ... replied to Dom Afonso on 13-Jun-12 12:02 AM

Hi even though the message shows the marquee is not supported in the page , this is an xhtml error and nothing would happen with message , just try to run your code it works perfectly.