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How to publish website in Visual Studio 2010?
Step by step procedure
Jitendra Faye replied to Krishna T on 27-Jun-12 02:44 AM


First of all if you want to setup your hosting account you should do in following way.

go to and try to find domain and register your domain along with that try to take suitable hosting plan for your application.

make sure you get all things which is needed by your application bandwith and all.

After successfully completing above part you will receive an E-MAIL with your credential details.

Use credential details which is mentioned in email and login using any FTP server you can also use inBuilt visual studio.

i would like to suggest you to use

now publishing website. After completing your development and testing publish the website and in that folder change your connection string and all required things like SMTP SQL with your HOSTING provider.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you
Vikram Singh Saini replied to Krishna T on 27-Jun-12 02:47 AM

1. Go to Build option in menu bar.
2. Select Publish Web Site.
3. Specify the Target Location where all contents would be published.
4. You can select any one of the four checkbox options based on your requirement.
5. OK.

This will build all site contents and then publish those files to the folder selected.
dipa ahuja replied to Krishna T on 27-Jun-12 02:49 AM
You can run your project by hosting in IIS

Step 1 : Build - > Publish Web Site

Step 2 : Publish it in the IIS server's folder : C:\inetpub\wwwroot

Step 3: Open IIS 

Step 4:  Expand the Root Node of the IIS in the left panel. In the Sites node you will get you published site

Step 5 : Right click on the your site and Choose Convert to Application:

Step 6: Now it will be converted to application  Now Right click on it and choose Browse :

Lalit M replied to Krishna T on 27-Jun-12 02:51 AM
Go here for step by step procedure.

Read more abt
RAJASEKHAR RAJENDRAN replied to Krishna T on 28-Jun-12 02:55 AM
Hi Krishna,

You can get the step by step procedures in publishing websites in Visual Studio 2010 in 

Apart from the above the below link which explains you hoe to move the content from you local to the live hosted site which will definitely help. 

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