Microsoft Excel - How to pin datas in Google Maps Embedded in Excel?

Asked By ozzy efendi on 28-Jun-12 04:45 AM
Lalit M replied to ozzy efendi on 28-Jun-12 04:53 AM
check this link will get all details
ozzy efendi replied to Lalit M on 28-Jun-12 05:11 AM
ok thanks, i am looking at them now.

I couldn' t attach zip file in other message.

Here' s the attachment.

ozzy efendi replied to ozzy efendi on 28-Jun-12 05:20 AM
I dont know how it happened but, i can' t see my first message in the subject so,

Here is the situation:

I have this workbook Google Maps embedded. However I can only pin one record in the workbook.

What i need to do is to pin more than one record in embedded maps in Excel. And when adding new datas, make Google Maps pin these datas automatically.

Thanks for helping.