Silverlight / WPF - To create new Custom file extension and launch my silverlight app using that extension

Asked By Parameswari on 02-Jul-12 10:13 AM


   I am creating Silverlight App, at one point I am in need to create new custom File extension , when the user clicks that particulat extension say .xxx , silverlight app should be lauched in browser. This is similar  to opening a text document when we click .txt file.

    Can any one suggest me .


Robbe Morris replied to Parameswari on 02-Jul-12 10:27 AM
Silverlight doesn't have access to the local file system.  It would not be able to read the file.  Silverlight runs in a security sandbox.

Why have you selected Silverlight as your technology to accomplish this task?
Parameswari replied to Robbe Morris on 03-Jul-12 12:38 AM

   We are using Silverlight for creating Accounting SoftWare .   In Microsoft Office  Accounting  I have  seen that with .sbc extension they are launching their application . I am not using silverlight to do this, I wnat to launch silverlight using this file extension . How to accomplish that?