Microsoft Excel - Excel 2010 wont run macros also the workbook is repeatedly duplicated in the file folder

Asked By Vern Evans on 03-Jul-12 01:15 AM
Windows 7 operating system. I do have a lot of excel files with macros. Tried one clean workbook with one macro, seems to run but nothing happens. No virus found on scan with AVG free edition. Have saved as Macro enabled workbook of course. Any suggestions appreciated. Settings checked to enable macros. Cannnot find a solution.
In addition the workbook is being duplicated in the file folder repeatedly.
wally eye replied to Vern Evans on 03-Jul-12 10:19 AM
How do you know that the macros are not running?  Could it be running a macro in the workbook_open event that copies itself?

Do you have some code that you can step through, or call from the immediate window?