C# .NET - Select particular area of an image in a picture box

Asked By Sreelakshmi on 04-Sep-12 09:07 AM
I have a picture box which has an image.Now my requirement is to select the particular area of an image and need to detect the edges of the image.I have code to detect the edges of the image.But I don't know how to select the particular part of the image.This is an urgent requirement for me.Please help me out how to do this.I am using windows form application.Thanks in advance.
Ravichandran K replied to Sreelakshmi on 04-Sep-12 11:26 PM
I hope your using jquery lib in your projects. if not, please try to use hereafter....it will save lot of time in UI manuplations....

we can achive the requirement by using below jquery lib.


here is the piece of code...

$(document).ready(function () {
  $('#ladybug_ant').imgAreaSelect({ maxWidth: 200, maxHeight: 150, handles: true });

you can reach out below link for samples....

Sreelakshmi replied to Ravichandran K on 05-Sep-12 01:31 AM
Thanks for ur reply sir!But I am new to jquery. I have seen the code.Can u please tell me where to insert the code in windows forms application (.net).Am so confused.Please help me out to do this.
Thank you