WCF/WF - How to convert my WCF Service appication into DLL libraries?

Asked By var char on 05-Sep-12 05:13 AM
Hi All,

I have a WCF Service Application which contains WCF Service class and implementation class. I want to give this WCF Service application to client in DLL format?
Can anybody help me, how to do this?

Robbe Morris replied to var char on 05-Sep-12 09:14 AM
You would want to put "all" of your logic for the service in a separate assembly from the service exe.  Then, just give them that dll (or dlls).

They could then build their own exe (or portion in an existing exe) that could use your dll.
Rohan Dave replied to var char on 05-Sep-12 11:28 AM
You can create your WCF service as "WCF Service Library" project.

Now Put your all the logice or service related classed and everything inside there. Now Just build your WCF Service Library project.

Once it's build successfully, you can add it as reference in any of your project or you can provide it to anyone...