C# .NET - BCP EXCEL to Sybase - Asked By sajid hassan on 27-Sep-12 06:06 AM

I want to BCP the data from excel/csv to sybase. i have similar functionality in sqlserver.
Can you please guide me and provide me with any code to do a BCP to sybase server.


Hemanth Kumar replied to sajid hassan on 01-Oct-12 01:50 AM
BCP is a utility, like isql. Both use the same connectivity libraries. To check the client connectivity version, from the command prompt type:
isql -v
The ASE version (dataserver) can be queried from within an isql session via:
1> select @@version
2> go

Please refer this link
sajid hassan replied to Hemanth Kumar on 02-Oct-12 01:11 AM
Hey Hemal,
Thanks for your suggestions..I will try this.

Hemanth Kumar replied to sajid hassan on 02-Oct-12 01:18 AM
you are welcome :-)