VB.NET - which is the Best way to show pdf files in a windows application

Asked By Ajay on 08-Oct-12 10:23 AM
Hi all

I am using Mysql as database and i want to display the pdf files that i already stored in the form of blob. which is the best way to do that.

Robbe Morris replied to Ajay on 08-Oct-12 10:34 AM
You'll want a third party component like the one from syncfusion.  This will enable you host the PDF inside one of your forms versus writing it out to a file and attempting launch Adobe Acrobat Reader (and that's if the end user has it installed).
Ajay replied to Robbe Morris on 09-Oct-12 02:12 AM
thnx Robbe Morris 

for valuable comments. but is there any way that we could change this pdf file into image and store it inside database, without using any third party tool. so that we can just show the file in any image control.

White Ashlin replied to Ajay on 09-Oct-12 03:15 AM
I am afraid that you really need a third party component since convert image to pdf is really very easy, many free tools can  perform that, such as PDF Converter, it can save word,text,excel,xml,html  as PDF,but for saving the pdf file to image is rather difficult, so I introduce you a PDF Viewer component to help you.

Ajay replied to White Ashlin on 09-Oct-12 03:33 AM
hi   White Ashlin

Is it possible through any way without using third party control to do the same operation.

Robbe Morris replied to Ajay on 09-Oct-12 08:37 AM
Well, you could spend months writing your own like the developers of these products did.  :)
White Ashlin replied to Ajay on 09-Oct-12 09:18 PM
From now on, I do not kinow have such a free tool that can convert pdf to other file formats.
Ajay replied to White Ashlin on 10-Oct-12 12:39 AM
thnks every one....