Silverlight / WPF - No images visible on Publish

Asked By David on 12-Oct-12 05:02 PM
 Hi All
 I have images on Windows/Xaml forms that work when on Build and are visible but when I publish the images are not visible. I have images in Resource and set to Build Action Resource and Copy always 


Image Margin="0,78.595,17.148,64" Name="Image1" Stretch="Fill" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="521.988" Source="file:///C:/001. Dave All Files/00.AA GOLF PROG MAIN FILE/Golf ver6 DA/Resource/Dunkeld.JPG" />

Thanks David
Robbe Morris replied to David on 12-Oct-12 05:42 PM
You need to use relative address on your paths and put the folder under the root of your project. 
David replied to Robbe Morris on 14-Oct-12 04:06 PM
 Thanks Robbe 
  Copied the bitmaps to Project Properties/Resourses by drag and drop from sub-directory then changed Xaml line to 

 It published ok Thanks

Robbe Morris replied to David on 14-Oct-12 04:26 PM
As an fyi, you can create an folder and set of sub folders and this will still work