Microsoft Excel - VBA, Find, offset and copy and paste

Asked By Tom on 13-Nov-12 07:57 AM

I need to code a macro to look into another workbook to scroll through a CoB list and find the matched CoB and copy and return a value a certain number of cells to the right of that CoB date, then copy and paste this into a specific cell in my workbook.

Can you help?


wally eye replied to Tom on 13-Nov-12 03:11 PM
Would a VLookup or Index/Match work?

=INDEX('[Book1.xlsm]Labels (Print Only)'!$B:$B,MATCH(B2,'[Book1.xlsm]Labels (Print Only)'!$A:$A,0))

would look in Book1.xlsm worksheet "Labels (Print Only)", column B for an item matching B2 in the same worksheet's column A