ASP.NET - abbreviation for global.asax - Asked By brahma naidu on 20-Dec-12 06:14 AM

I am working with statemanagement. will please reply me for what is the abbreviation for global.asax 
Robbe Morris replied to brahma naidu on 20-Dec-12 08:27 AM
The abbreviation?  I know of no such thing.
Sri K replied to brahma naidu on 20-Dec-12 11:39 AM
You need to refer this link
Sreenath Kalahasti replied to brahma naidu on 21-Dec-12 07:34 PM
asax - This is how I would pull up the abbreviation. This file is used to handle your application and session state events.

as - from 
a - application 
x - extension. 

similarly, ascx - c- Control\user control.
             aspx - p - presentation files.
             ashx - h - Handler files etc...