ASP.NET - How to capture an incoming xml file - Asked By Daniel on 22-Jan-13 05:12 AM

Robbe Morris replied to Daniel on 22-Jan-13 08:53 AM
It is in the Request.InputStream

You read it like you would any other stream.  In your case, the StreamReader class or perhaps the XmlDocument.Load method.  Make sure you trap the reading of the stream in error handling just in case someone misuses your .aspx/ashx page and sends invalid xml.
Daniel replied to Robbe Morris on 22-Jan-13 11:15 AM
and what type of url I have to give to the outside application which need to send the xml file on my server.Please if possible give a link where I can find how to do.
Actually how I do to consume a webservice is using the following link:

but they told me that what they need is to send xml file on my server not passing the values to those parameter
Please help fixing this...