IIS - IIS8 application pool stops failure in series of processes serving applicationpool

Asked By Pranay on 25-Jan-13 11:46 AM
Windows Server 2012 IIS 8, my applicationpool stops automatically.  In events log i see the error: applicationpool disabled due to failure in series of processes serving applicationpool. Any suggestions, please. Not much info is available about IIS 8.Thanks
Robbe Morris replied to Pranay on 25-Jan-13 02:11 PM
Typically, this is a result of a high volume of untrapped errors in your .NET code.  Are you using COM at all in your ASP.NET application?  Perhaps to interact with Excel or Word?
Pranay replied to Robbe Morris on 25-Jan-13 03:26 PM
Robbe, I don't think this error is application specific, for two reasons; firstly, I tried another application on my server and I got the same error. Secondly, my application has been working fine for couple of years and few days back, I installed Windows Server 2012. I moved my application to this server.  Still lost though. I'm guessing either it has to do with some user-right permissions or some system process which causing my pool to stop. I'm very lost though. :(
Thanks for your help.
Robbe Morris replied to Pranay on 25-Jan-13 03:50 PM
Are 32 bit apps enabled for the IIS app pool?  If not, enable it.