Microsoft Excel - excel pass word pro - Asked By anu anu on 29-Jan-13 12:53 AM

 hi ,

 i have one excel file,with protation password, i have only read permission. i don`t knw the password i want crack that permission.

White Ashlin replied to anu anu on 29-Jan-13 02:48 AM
I think that would be not an easy task.
Donald Ross replied to anu anu on 29-Jan-13 08:13 PM
There is a password cracker on line written by strauss or straux something like that you can donwload for free and use for 30 days before you have to purchase it.
works great.

just do a google search for excel password cracker.

Mark Willium replied to anu anu on 13-Feb-13 11:25 PM
Go to the Internet and search "How to crack the excel password".
We are not here to tell you about how to crack password because It is illegal.