Architecture - Developing an ERP application : WPF or WinForms ?

Asked By Anup Kumar on 11-Feb-13 05:44 AM
Hi All.

We are working with a client to re-write a huge data centric ERP application written in MS Fox pro + Sql Server.
Right now the plan is to go with a desktop solution and not a web based solution.

He has asked our recommendations about the technologies to use and he is interested to know if WPF will suite the needs.

A basic idea of the application.
1. This is a huge data centric ERP application which includes Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Purchase orders, etc.....
2. Currently, the customer claims that there are around 1500 forms in the system.
3. A few samples that was shown was packed with controls (text boxes, drop downs, grids, radios etc).
4. The samples also showed using multiple tabs to a maximum of around 16 tabs for inventory related records.
5. Requires outlook integration.
6. Dashboards with real time data required.
7. The forms are interlinked in many places like from a customer the user can directly go to order and so on.
8. The application might require third party components for grids and also charting and report wizards.
9. WCF would be required since there would  be integrations with other applications.
10. Data mining capabilities are required.

So, the general question here is, should we go for with Win Forms or WPF ?
I would love to know the general opinion before proceeding further.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Robbe Morris replied to Anup Kumar on 11-Feb-13 07:30 AM
WPF.  Too many reasons to count.  Windows Forms offers you nothing you can't get in WPF.  WPF offers you tons of things you cannot get in Windows Forms.

That said, you may want to discuss Silverlight  Very similar to WPF but runs in a plug in the browser.  If the app doesn't need access to the client's harddrive, this is a really good solution.
Anup Kumar replied to Robbe Morris on 11-Feb-13 09:18 AM
Thanks. I shall consider that.