Microsoft Excel - Excel 2010 - printing A4 onto A3

Asked By Tracey on 19-Feb-13 06:32 PM
I have an A4 landscape document that comfortably fits on to an A4 page without any print areas set or fitting to 1 page - it's just a plain A4 page.

I would like to print it out so it goes to an A3 size.

Excel 2007 could do this simply by changing the paper output size to A3 and it would happen.  2010 doesn't have this function and it's driving me insane.

How can I get an A4 page to print to A3 size?  And I don't expect to have to guess what percentage it needs to be enlarged by - that's ridiculous.  Surely there's a setting somewhere I'm missing about "fit to page" or something.

Any suggestions? (other than changing the page to A3 and increasing the %)
Harry Boughen replied to Tracey on 20-Feb-13 02:17 AM
Hi Tracey,
I think that the system detects what your printer is capable of and if your default printer does not have an A3 capability then the option does not appear.  Perhaps if you change the printer destination it might work.
I only have an A4 printer and with the default nothing bigger than A4 appeared but when I changed to Microsoft Document Writer A3 did appear as an option.
Harry Boughen replied to Tracey on 20-Feb-13 02:42 AM
Hello again Tracey,
Just realised that might not have been the answer you were looking for.  From a quick search it seems that it will only reduce to fill a page not increase and no evidence that it has ever been different.
I think you will just have to put up with adjusting the scaling to suit.  If it is a standard size then maybe you could write a little macro to do the adjustment and printing for you.
Sorry couldn't be more help.
Keating Megan replied to Tracey on 05-Mar-13 04:28 AM
You can try this library, it has an autofit property,it neable the data to autofit the excel cell, may it can help you:
Tracey replied to Tracey on 07-Mar-13 06:33 PM
Hi guys - thanks for your reponses.  I didn't mention that yes the printer is capable of printing A3.  I've admitted defeat with this one and have accepted that Office 2010 does not have the same function as 2007 with changing the output to be A3.  I have to manually go in and change the % before printing to be 141% (that seems to work the best).

Antiquated and annoying but at least I can stop looking for a solution :)  Thanks for your input guys!