SharePoint - Device Channel Management is not working for different master pages in SharePoint 2013

Asked By Prasanna Belsare on 27-Feb-13 08:19 AM
Hi All,

I have created a Device Channel for iPhone in SharePoint 2013 site. 

I have assigned 'seattle' master page to iPhone and 'oslo' master page for Default.

But after checking it in browser master page is not changing according to device channel.

It is always showing the master page which is set for All Channels under "Specify a system master page for this site and all sites that inherit from it:" option. (in my case oslo master page is set for "All Channels").

I am testing it on browser using  ?DeviceChannel=iPhone in site url.

What may be the reason for its not working properly?

Vaibhavi Rajpathak replied to Prasanna Belsare on 09-May-13 07:33 AM
In order to apply differnet master pages to different devices, you have to activate publishing feature of the site. If you are working on office 365 online site, it takes 2-3 hr to apply this feature to the site.