VB.NET - where do I code ObservableCollection(Of MyCustomClass)(T is it in XAML vb or where else.

Asked By David on 28-Feb-13 05:10 PM
 You can tell I am struggling to code ObservableCollection(Of MyCustomClass)(T
 because I have just replied to myself
Should it be in Xaml vb or elsewhere

Thanks David
David replied to Robbe Morris on 05-Mar-13 02:38 PM
 Hi Robbe
 I have tried all methods but still cant get this to work
Dim list = New ObservableCollection(Of MyCustomClass)()

For Each row As var In dataSet.Tables(0).Rows
Dim item = New MyCustomClass()

item.ColumnA = row("SomeColumnName")


Code I think is vb.net
where should this code code go
should it be in the Xaml vb?
 or where else can it go?
And what starts and finishes it like Public Class and End Class or Sub
 Thanks very much for your time