Microsoft Excel - Excel function Query - Asked By TAMU P on 22-Apr-13 04:08 AM

input output   Grouping 2nd & 3rd Required
0 01 A A1 A01
1 02 A A2 A02
2 03 A A3 A03
3 04 A A4 A04
4 05 A A5 A05
5 06 A A6 A06
6 07 A A7 A07
7 08 A A8 A08
8 09 A A9 A09
9 10 A A10 A10
10 11 A A11 A11
11 12 A A12 A12
12 13 A A13 A13
13 14 A A14 A14
14 15 A A15 A15
15 16 A A16 A16

When grouping 2nd & 3rd column, But I need the output as such in the 5th column

I have to add the 'input' column by 1 to get the output column, and then I have to introduce 0 inbetween till the number 9 and after that it should be as such, which maintains 3 digits from the first till the end

If anyone knows how to get this through the function, please help me out


Harry Boughen replied to TAMU P on 22-Apr-13 05:29 AM
Hello Tamu
in columnB enter and copy
In columnD
will give what you want.
Or to avoid columnB altogether
TAMU P replied to Harry Boughen on 22-Apr-13 09:26 AM
Thanks Harry

It works out fine for me

Thanks for the support