JavaScript - How to print Html page with image using Jquery

Asked By Sameer Khan on 08-May-13 06:28 AM
My application is in MVC3 coded in C#.Net, I have a certain view with the requirement to print the complete Html of a div in that view.

<div id="Printable_Div" >
    <img id="First_Image" src="Source of my Image">
    <table>My table data

Im trying the following code but not working
var w =;
  w.close(); Also i have tried using the jquery printElement.js
And Also window.print(); I have also tried setting the Image as the background of the
<div style="background-image:My Image"></div>
There is not any issue in printing the Html page, but the issue is the image is not getting displayed in all the three methods tried above. Using plug-In is out of scope of my application. I want to print the entire HTML that is available in the Div with the ID=Printable_Div Is there any solution to display the image in the print as well.