JavaScript - Code is not work in localhost server....ActiveXObject

Asked By Amit Dhorajiya on 09-May-13 01:43 AM
When i use this code in html file then i can get mac address of client's machine but when i use this code in php file and sun it in local wamp server it can't give me mac address of client's machine what can i do please help me for getting client's mac address for my application security ...........please

<script language="javascript">
    var obj = new ActiveXObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator");
    var s = obj.ConnectServer("Machine");
    var properties = s.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration");
    var e = new Enumerator(properties);
        var p = e.item ();
        if(!p) continue;
        if(p.MACAddress != null)
            document.getElementById("hidMAC").value = p.MACAddress;
Robbe Morris replied to Amit Dhorajiya on 09-May-13 10:11 PM
You are not going to be able to use this component on other people's machine due to browser security constraints.  They are going to have to give your site/page full trust authority and most of your visitors won't even know how.  And, if it is on machines in corporate environments, they won't permit the user.

You are SOL...