ASP.NET - Insert data and images to the database and show them to gridview or repeater using ASP.NET

Asked By Austine on 10-May-13 04:22 AM
Hi ,

     I need help on how to insert product data and images eg (car) name ,make ,model , year , etc plus front image, side image , back image  and inside image directly to the SQL server database and show only one picture with few info to the gridview or repaeter with only one image displaying.

Whan a user click to view more image or more product info , then a new form pops up or a user can be directed to a new page with all the whole informations and all the images now displaying for that particuler item the user clicks.

Please help
Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to Austine on 11-May-13 01:13 PM
Are you looking for this one?