Linux/Unix OS - Copying files from host windows to Virtual Machine Containing Fedora 11

Asked By devender on 15-May-13 08:25 AM
I want to copy a folder's file to the Vbox Guest operating system i.e. fedora 11 from host windows i.e. windows 7.

 so what is the easiest way to copy the all files to the guest operating system from the host windows../??

please help
Saqib Razzaq replied to devender on 16-May-13 05:51 AM
The easiest way is to install VMWare tools. After that you can copy/paste from host to guest and vice versa.

If you are not using VMWare product, then a general approach would be
  1. Install FTP Server e.g. FileZilla Server on Windows host. Create user and set directories
  2. Install FTP client e.g. FileZilla client on Fedora (guest). Now, you can upload or download files to your host.
  3. If you cannot connect using FTP, try to ping each other using IP address. Select bridge networking option in virtualization software to be on the same subnet. Check if your Windows firewall or antivirus is blocking.