ASP.NET - Show user control (.ascx page) as pop up window when image button clicked

Asked By var char on 30-May-13 08:20 AM
Hi All,

I am having .aspx page with image button. when i clicked on image button, i need to show user control as popup window? How to do this one in (for web application)?

when i tried to show .aspx page as pop up window on image button click event. when i clicked on go button inside popup window, the previous page is opening as new page (i.e., I am geting page 1 in new window). I want to avoid the new page not to display in new window?
can anyone hlep me on this.

Robbe Morris replied to var char on 30-May-13 10:17 AM
post your code
var char replied to Robbe Morris on 06-Jun-13 08:10 AM
I dont have code. In my application around 15 pages are their. In each page some help icons will be there, beside textboxes. suppose in page1 there is 3 help icons(image buttons i want to take) beside 3 textboxes, first help icon is category which shows category related data from database, when user clicked on that help icon. In the same way for other things  like material, item, currency, etc. these material, item, category ,etc will repeat in all pages.

I think this is a kind of user control i have to develop. Can you help me out on this. If user clicks on that help icon(image button i want to take) the popup window has to come with some data.

Is it possible to fire user control via image button? If so can you provide me the code or any example is fine.

I tried with .aspx page firing as a popup window, but when we click any button on that popup same .aspx page is opening (nested pages). I think .aspx page is not fine to genereate as popup window.

Robbe Morris replied to var char on 06-Jun-13 08:12 AM
User Controls are server side, you'd have to post back and add that control to a Panel or maybe a TableCell.  The rest of your post doesn't make a whole let of sense frankly.  I asked you to post the code that wasn't working.  You say you don't have code but you must or you wouldn't have anything to try and fail with.

Wish you all the best in resolving your issue.