C# .NET - Grid View Optimize Page Index Changing

Asked By Rajiv Gogia on 02-Jun-13 09:42 AM
Hi All,

I am Using Custom Paging Concept for gridview in asp.net using C#. To control paging of Gridview I am making use of datalist. Let say user keeps clicking on different items(numbers) in datalist to change page index of Gridview at same time.
That leads to page sending request to server again and again. How can we optimize it by just processing the last page index event not all the events..

Thanks in advance.
Reena Jain replied to Rajiv Gogia on 03-Jun-13 02:31 AM
Hi rajiv

For this just use gridview page option to maintain the pagination for girdview. There are lots of example available, just google them. or search in this forum will give you a great solution.

Hope this will help you