ASP.NET - Could anyone please let me know the process to connect ESSBASE server from

Asked By vamsi krishna on 06-Jun-13 02:11 AM
I have an application that needs to connect to the client server which is ESSBASE. There is a process to connect using reporting services. But my client needs to connect through visual studio Any idea ..???
Bill B replied to vamsi krishna on 14-Jun-13 02:47 AM
ran across this
vamsi krishna replied to Bill B on 14-Jun-13 03:12 AM
Thanks for the rply Bill. I have already executed this code but got stuck with reference.
How to add the reference for the below namespace

using Hyperion.Objects.Essbase.Common;

Bill B replied to vamsi krishna on 14-Jun-13 01:36 PM
if you have that library what is the problem?

How to add the reference? THis can't be your question, but if it is, put the required dlls in a local bin directory accessible to the web app, and in your project right click add reference... then a using statement and you probably are ok.

Is it not a dotnet dll?  With that example, it appears that it is.

If not, you might create a separate C# lib project where you create method calls to wrap the dll method calls and then use that lib you create.  

Is it a C DLL you have to call?
stuff like
[DllImport("fred.dll", SetLastError = true)]

public static extern bool clyde(int i, ref double precision);

or is it an activeX DLL?
might do something like this

private System.Type objESS = System.Type.GetTypeFromProgID("ESS.FindWhatToPutHere");
private dynamic objESS;
and later in the constructor or wherever first used, check for null and
if (objESS==null)
objESS = System.Activator.CreateInstance(objCMtype);

To find the programID for the correct string for  ESS.FindWhatToPutHere, I often still used VB6 and added a reference, then used object explorer...

I'd often first use a COM InterOp - just add a reference to the required dll
so you get the calls and parameters correct

when done, switch back to the .net 4 dynamic as above because it often works better

I guess don't understand the question or the problem.