Microsoft Word - Is there a way to apply conditional formatting in a Word document (not table) in Word 2010

Asked By Lorie MacFarlane on 12-Jun-13 05:05 PM
Bill B replied to Lorie MacFarlane on 14-Jun-13 02:37 AM
If you're willing to code, you can do anything you want in Word.
The Word object is very programmable.

You still get vba script too, so ...  what conditions?

Here's a bad example

but within the document, you can add vba and reference itself
once you get a handle on the word doc, you can walk through the text and do stuff to it

getting started with vba in word 2010
alex smith replied to Lorie MacFarlane on 09-Jun-16 05:12 AM
Hi, if you use C# or VB.NET then you could check this