ASP.NET - How to Insert,edit and update Image in ASP.Net GridView with database

Asked By anil babu on 17-Jun-13 10:54 AM
How can I insert Images into database?
After insert images in to database display all images in a gridview And after That Give a an option Edit to Image, Edit the Image Click Update save to again Database
How can i do this using ASP.NET?
Bill B replied to anil babu on 18-Jun-13 01:40 AM
on a basic level, know that you will have to
open a db connection to something (SQL, mysql/mariadb), oracle, etc)
create a record to store it and be ready to receive data
and then write in chunks/bytes until file or stream is done 
- same for retrieval, btw
some crappy methods include a local file storage area, but that sucks

displaying it in a grid is a different issue.
will you make thumbnails or do you expect it all automatic? get real.

can you not use search? do you expect someone else to do your work?
did you care enough to look?

given the answer to those questions...  RTFM.
I'll bet you notice that the owner does not bother to answer questions from people who clearly don't put in any effort.

Which one are you? No effort? No clue?

How shall I make it stop raining so my plants are not flooded?
Answer that and I will give you an example.

ok, here's the same old crap in .net

you loop a chunk size... from a stream

to put or get, really

its really the old question, is it better to store a blob in a table or a file reference to it and get it from that

you decide
sometimes, it is nice to have it in the db

most time, not