C# .NET - I need c# code to enable scavenging feature on dns zones using WMI code?

Asked By sharavanan eswaramoorthi on 18-Jun-13 01:44 PM

I am facing some difficulties while enabling scavenging in dns server zones, I need to implement below feature in our product(using WMI with C# code)

1. Enable scavenging in server & set Default Refresh, Non-Refresh Interval

2. Enable scavenging on zones ( maybe all zones or specified zones).

I am using WMI C# code to do this. I can set or enable scavenging on
server. But I can't enable scavenging in zones. One interesting news is
in zones I applied refresh & Non-refresh interval. but can't check
the checkbox called "Scavenge staled resource

I tried different ways to solve this but can't. I need your help to fix this..........
Robbe Morris replied to sharavanan eswaramoorthi on 18-Jun-13 02:29 PM
You should post some of your code.  This is an unusual issue and I suspect people won't have a clue without seeing your code.