Microsoft Excel - How to convert Rupees into Lakhs in Pivot table???

Asked By Maheswari Rajan on 08-Jul-13 03:59 AM
Count   Value   Count   Value   Count   Value   Count   Value
28  2569099 20  1434562 16  1018923 1   35000
33  3708903 21  1485357 9   629539  1   40000
31  2985984 11  478670  7   302470  2   77274
i want to convert the value from 2569099 to 2.569.
Harry Boughen replied to Maheswari Rajan on 08-Jul-13 07:41 AM
Hello Rajan,
Not sure how you have your Pivot Table set up but if you right click on your Pivot Table you should find an item in the list that comes up labelled Formulas.  Click on that and select the Calculated Field option which gives you a dialog box where you will be able to Insert the value variable into the formula bar and divide it by the appropriate factor.  You can try using the ROUND function to get the required number of decimal places but that might not work reliably in all cases.  Another alternative would be to format the cells in your Pivot Table but I don't think you can do that individually only the whole table which you might not want.  Another way would be to use INT(Value/1000 +0.5)/1000 .
Hope this helps.
Sathish S replied to Maheswari Rajan on 23-Jul-13 05:57 AM
You can use the round function in your formula to convert rupees into lakhs, like this. 

Where A1 is the reference cell, 3 is the number of digits to round.