WCF/WF - Creating an abstract class or Interface from a WSDL file.

Asked By karur krishna madhu on 10-Jul-13 03:08 AM
I came to know that we can create an abstract class or an Interface from a wsdl file using the command line utility tool wsdl.exe.I would like to know in which scenario do we create an abstract class or an interface for an existing wsdl file? And also what is the need of creating an abstract/Interface from a wsdl file when we don't have the functionality itself and we could write our own functionality what is the use of creating an abstract class/interface from a wsdl file ? 
Robbe Morris replied to karur krishna madhu on 10-Jul-13 06:29 AM
I'm not sure I ever would.  A wsdl file can change if the remote service changes itself.  I don't like the idea of my abstract classes that form the foundation of my logic being changed out from under me.
karur krishna madhu replied to Robbe Morris on 10-Jul-13 07:09 AM
I do agree with you Morris.