Microsoft Excel - How to insert table into a Excel Cell

Asked By devender on 23-Aug-13 08:10 AM
   Please can any tell me that how we can enter a 2X8 (2 rows and 8 columns) into a single excel cell...

please please help...
Harry Boughen replied to devender on 23-Aug-13 04:20 PM
Hello devender,

You won't be able to put the actual data into a single cell but it might be possible to view an image of the data from another location inside a single cell using a hyperlink function.  I know that you can do this with charts.  I don't have time to try anything just now but might get a chance later in the day.
Pichart Y. replied to devender on 27-Aug-13 10:07 PM
Hi devender,

Create a main table, and do  following

1) drag dark from cell O7:W9

2) Copy then paste special as picture link to the cell E6

3) now if you update anything to the

  main table, the value will automatically updated to the child table in cell E6 find me detail in this sample --> Hope this help. Pichart Y.