C# .NET - Code For Print out - Asked By devender on 24-Aug-13 09:05 AM

I have one windows application on C#.NET,,, in which I create a report . now the problem is this i want automatic print out of this report without onscreen view of report i.e. when user click the button from the form it should directly printed out by the default printer set with operating system
Robbe Morris replied to devender on 24-Aug-13 09:06 AM
What type of report?  If this is Crystal Reports, they have an option to export to PDF.  I'm not sure it supports direct printing though.  Aspose for PDF component does have the background printing capability.
devender replied to Robbe Morris on 26-Aug-13 03:26 AM
Please tell me the automatic printing bcoz it is kind of information which is given to the employee without any mouse or any other option.

so please help....