C# .NET - Change Image of Image button on click

Asked By Sudhansu shekhar on 26-Aug-13 08:41 AM
Hi All,

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I have an urgent issue. In my application user have two mode to contact, i.e. email mode and mobile mode. In this user profile page where the exsting user hav any of one mode with his details. I need to show the related image of mode whether user is email or mobile mode. I hav 2 images for both of mode and if user is in email mode and he wants to change mode of contact as a mobile so he may click and the image should get change as mobile mode.

I am sorry, I tried to make u clear of my requirement. Please do help asap, I really needed.

Robbe Morris replied to Sudhansu shekhar on 26-Aug-13 10:17 AM
Wouldn't you just change the .ImageUrl of the button on postback?
Sudhansu shekhar replied to Robbe Morris on 26-Aug-13 11:59 PM
Thank u Robbie for ur reply. Could u Please give me the code clue, as i m beginer and its an urgent. Basically if i do click on image button to change the contact mode of user, another iamge has to b change with the contact mode also, for that i have confusion. Please help me out.

Thank u so much.