C# .NET - RightFax Api - Asked By sri on 29-Aug-13 11:47 AM

Hi To All,
 Am using Right Fax Api to send and receive Faxes. while sending Faxes am getting
RFCOMAPILib.FaxServerClass faxserver = new RFCOMAPILib.FaxServerClass();
faxserver.ServerName = "ServerName";
faxserver.Protocol = RFCOMAPILib.CommunicationProtocolType.cpNamedPipes;
faxserver.UseNTAuthentication = RFCOMAPILib.BoolType.True;

RFCOMAPILib.Fax fax = (RFCOMAPILib.Fax) faxserver.get_CreateObject(RFCOMAPILib.CreateObjectType.coFax);

// set up your 'fax' object the way you want it, below is just some sample options
fax.ToName = "John Doe";
fax.ToFaxNumber = "4255551111";
fax.ToVoiceNumber = "4255550000";
fax.ToCompany = "ACME";
fax.FromName = "My Company";
fax.FromVoiceNumber = "4255552222";

0x80042710 This is the error.Please help me any one.
Robbe Morris replied to sri on 29-Aug-13 12:06 PM
This looks like a failure to create a COM object.  Are you sure the RightFAX API is installed properly?
sri replied to Robbe Morris on 30-Aug-13 01:57 AM
 i have a Right Fax Client in my Machine. Am trying to send fax Though RightFax FaxUtil , what ever document am trying to send that r storing in my Temp file Directory as .Tif Image. am unable to get an output Please help me any one.