ASP.NET - Normal web form app to mvc - Asked By anbu n on 04-Sep-13 04:35 PM

we have a huge application developed using web form architecture, here accesing Database read/write is as class file [dll]. buisness entity as separate project inside the solution.
so now we are planning to convert into MVC, after analysing MVC architecture Models part use Entity Framework.
But in above scenario, i have planned to call class[dll] functions , which access read/write Database inside Model instead of using Entity Framework [because using entity framework i can't use already created class[dll] functions ].
Robbe Morris replied to anbu n on 04-Sep-13 04:34 PM
Putting aside whether MVC is good or bad, what do you hope to gain by rewriting a "huge" app to use MVC instead of web forms "and" throw away all of your database code to use the entity framework?

That is a huge project and expensive in regards to man hours.  I guess I don't see the business case for something like this.

And yes, you are essentially throwing away all of your old database code and introducing new headaches and performance growing pains as you learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of the entity framework.