Microsoft Excel - If formula with Hyperlink - Asked By david on 05-Sep-13 01:42 PM

I have a shape which i use as a button used to hyperlink to another tab in my worksheet.

Is there a way (without VBA) to condition the link to work only if one or several other cells are filled in with specific text?

If it is not possible to do with a shape i can adjust it so the link is within a cell instead of the shape?

I'm using Excel 2010

Harry Boughen replied to david on 05-Sep-13 04:47 PM
Hello David,
It will obviously depend on the logic that you want to be valid but the following works in a cell which shows text if the condition is true and is blank if the condition is false.  The # in the hyperlink address indicates that it is in the current workbook.  If you wanted to navigate to another workbook you would have to supply the full path.

=IF(AND((A1="a"),OR((B1="b"),(C1="c"))),HYPERLINK("#'Sheet2'!A1","Now you can go"),"")

Hope this helps.
david replied to Harry Boughen on 06-Sep-13 05:24 AM

thank you, as usual spot on!

i assume it cannot be done using a shape or text box? 
Harry Boughen replied to david on 06-Sep-13 08:34 AM
Hi David,
I didn't look at that option.  Not something I've done before.  I'll have a look sometime.