JavaScript - Multiple jquery library reference on same page

Asked By Nowshad M on 19-Sep-13 01:16 AM
I have a page with multiple jquery reference. I am using a third party control(webparts), and whenever i add this control to my page it is adding a new reference to 1.6.1 jquery.min.js

I cannot remove this script reference from page as i do not have any control over the control, and this multiple reference to jquery library is breaking my site basic jquery functionlity. I have tried using jquery conflict but it is not making any difference. However my page is working properly if i have only one webpart(means script is referred only once in page).

Below is the conflict script im using

if(typeof $!="undefined"&&$.noConflict)

Can anybody help me on this . Basically my site jquery functionality shouldn't break if i have more than one reference to jquery libraries.

Erik Little replied to Nowshad M on 28-Feb-14 03:03 PM
You know, there really is no way around this type of situation, not only do you use the jQuery for your UI your using a third party control that uses another library which is jQuery.

The first thing that comes to mind is to try to put that webparts control in a html page and put a iFrame in the parent page referencing the html page that has the webparts control.