C# .NET - Outputted pdf not filling with the content in iTextsharp and C#.net, creating empty pdf

Asked By Rahul Khanna on 06-Apr-14 02:57 PM
I am working to replace the specific word inside pdf document using iTextSharp and C#.net, while I am debugging getting the proper value but the outputted pdf getting zero bytes(empty),its not filling with the content. Here is my code:
ReplacePDFText("Mumbai",StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase,Application.StartupPath + "\\test.pdf","D:\\test_words_replaced.pdf"); //Do Everything
public void ReplacePDFText(string strSearch, StringComparison scCase, string strSource, string strDest)
PdfStamper psStamp = null; //PDF Stamper Object
PdfContentByte pcbContent = null; //Read PDF Content
if (File.Exists(strSource)) //Check If File Exists
PdfReader pdfFileReader = new PdfReader(strSource); //Read Our File
psStamp = new PdfStamper(pdfFileReader, new FileStream(strDest, FileMode.Create)); //Read Underlying Content of PDF File
pbProgress.Value = 0; //Set Progressbar Minimum Value
pbProgress.Maximum = pdfFileReader.NumberOfPages; //Set Progressbar Maximum Value
for (int intCurrPage = 1; intCurrPage <= pdfFileReader.NumberOfPages; intCurrPage++) //Loop Through All Pages
LocTextExtractionStrategy lteStrategy = new LocTextExtractionStrategy(); //Read PDF File Content Blocks
pcbContent = psStamp.GetUnderContent(intCurrPage); //Look At Current Block
//Determine Spacing of Block To See If It Matches Our Search String
lteStrategy.UndercontentCharacterSpacing = pcbContent.CharacterSpacing;
lteStrategy.UndercontentHorizontalScaling = pcbContent.HorizontalScaling;
//Trigger The Block Reading Process
string currentText = PdfTextExtractor.GetTextFromPage(pdfFileReader, intCurrPage, lteStrategy);
//Determine Match(es)
List<iTextSharp.text.Rectangle> lstMatches = lteStrategy.GetTextLocations(strSearch, scCase);
PdfLayer pdLayer = default(PdfLayer); //Create New Layer
pdLayer = new PdfLayer("Overrite", psStamp.Writer); //Enable Overwriting Capabilities
//Set Fill Colour Of Replacing Layer
foreach (iTextSharp.text.Rectangle rctRect in lstMatches) //Loop Through Each Match
pcbContent.Rectangle(rctRect.Left, rctRect.Bottom, rctRect.Width, rctRect.Height); //Create New Rectangle For Replacing Layer
pcbContent.Fill(); //Fill With Colour Specified
pcbContent.BeginLayer(pdLayer); //Create Layer
pcbContent.SetColorFill(BaseColor.BLACK); //Fill aLyer
pcbContent.Fill(); //Fill Underlying Content
PdfGState pgState = default(PdfGState); //Create GState Object
pgState = new PdfGState();
pcbContent.SetGState(pgState); //Set Current State
pcbContent.SetColorFill(BaseColor.WHITE); //Fill Letters
pcbContent.BeginText(); //Start Text Replace Procedure
pcbContent.SetTextMatrix(rctRect.Left, rctRect.Bottom); //Get Text Location
//Set New Font And Size
pcbContent.SetFontAndSize(BaseFont.CreateFont(BaseFont.HELVETICA, BaseFont.CP1252, BaseFont.NOT_EMBEDDED), 9);
pcbContent.ShowText("AMAZING!!!!"); //Replacing Text
pcbContent.EndText(); //Stop Text Replace Procedure
pcbContent.EndLayer(); //Stop Layer replace rocedure
pbProgress.Value++; //Increase Progressbar Value
pdfFileReader.Close(); //Close File
//psStamp.Close(); //Close Stamp Object
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