ASP.NET - Big Pdf Creation Failed in AbcPdf - Asked By Ramendra Kumar on 24-Oct-14 08:17 AM

I am having an issue when i am creating a big pdf. i am using XULRUNNER dlls From AbcPdf for creating pdf it works fine but when the document size is large then it fails and give this exception, and one more thing is large pdf working fine on developer machine but on Production server it fails and gives this exception

Failed to add HTML: Exception was thrown in another thread: Remote process terminated unexpectedly.; Remote process terminated unexpectedly.(Possible causes: Out of memory or corrupted/incorrect version of XULRunner folder.).

WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Doc.AddImageHtml(String html, Boolean paged, Int32 width, Boolean disableCache)

Common.CreatePDF(String as_HTML, Boolean ab_Landscape)
Robbe Morris replied to Ramendra Kumar on 24-Apr-14 08:05 AM
You'll need to contact the vendor.  Perhaps they have a bug.  I use Aspose PDF for rather large documents and don't have issues with it.
alex smith replied to Robbe Morris on 24-Oct-14 08:17 AM
I agree with Robbe.  Some open source library may have its limitation in dealing with large PDF files.