SharePoint - How to add button on allitems.aspx list view column and update list item on click event?

Asked By Prasanna Belsare on 22-Sep-14 11:15 AM

 I want to achieve following functionality

 1) Create button on SharePoint document library column on allitems.aspx view.

 2) On clicking of that button document library field values should get updated.

 I could create button on allitems.aspx listview using designer in SharePoint 2010, but could not do it in SharePoint 2013 as there is no design view in SP2013 designer.

 Which is the best way to update doc library items on column button click? Please share the detailed steps if possible.

Velumani S K replied to Prasanna Belsare on 26-Aug-14 07:52 AM
Instead of Button try enabling auto refresh setting in the Allitem.aspx view.

By Edit the Webpart and enable refresh timing.
Chandra Shekhar Rameneni replied to Prasanna Belsare on 22-Sep-14 11:15 AM
First open the library/list in designer. Open the "Custom Actions" option and click on "View Ribbon"

Select "Navigate to URL" option and give the URL of the same library.

Please test it and let me know if that it helps